M.D Message

Dear Students & Friends As students, you all know about the competition that exists in today’s world and how preparation is becoming more and more methodological. Success is not only determined by hard work but also by right guidance. Your teachers and parents would be providing you the necessary guidance timely. We would also like to share the “Mantras of Real Education” in your life.

“Education is to help you realize your own potential rather than imitating others” It is very important for you to decide your career option and this should solely be made by you, understanding your interests and keeping in view the suggestions and experience of your respected parents and elders.
“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds” You have to put in the organized effort, blending with passion and enthusiasm. Since competition is already high, you need to put in at least 2-3 hours of study on a school day while 8 hours of study on a holiday.

“Education is to make you more joyful; not to make you stressful and jealous” When you make the right choice, you naturally give your heart and soul to your mission and this will bring happiness and joy in your life. You have to realize that competition from peers has to be taken up in a healthy way. This will bring the best in you rather making you jealous of them. You should compete with yourself, not with others. The way to conquer the competition is simply dedicated effort from your body and soul.