Application of .Net Technology

The .Net framework: Common Language Runtime, Common Type System, Common Language Specification, The Base Class Library, MSIL, Just in Time Compilation ; C# Basics : Introduction, Data Types, Identifiers, Variables & Constants, C# statement , Object Oriented Concept, Arrays and Strings, System Collections, Delegates and Events, Indexes Attributes , Versioning ; C# Using libraries : Namespace System, Input Output, Networking and Sockets, Windows Forms, C# in Web Application, Error handling ; Advanced Features Using C# : Web Services, Window services, messaging Reflection, COM and C#, localization, Distributed Application in C#, XML and C#, Unsafe Mode, Graphical Device Interface with C#; ASP.NET 4.0 : Feature of ASP.NET 2.0, Introduction to Server controls, HTML Controls, Validation Controls, User Controls, Personalization, Session State, ADO.NET; Introduction to Programming with VB.NET : Basic Concepts and a Simple Application, using Variables, Constants, Functions, Processing Decisions, Looping structures and Lists ; File and Database Applications : File Access, Dialog Boxes, Error Handling, Menus, Connecting to Databases ; Advanced Programming Constructs : Sub Procedures, Function Procedures, Modules, Arrays, Structures, Collections; .NET Architecture and Advanced Tools: Object-Oriented Programming.

Information & Communication Technology

• Basics of Electronics & Computer hardware.
• Configure Hard disk & Partition.
• Installing windows 7, XP &Window 8.
• Installing VGA, AGP Soundcard & MODEM.
• Assembling of Computer.
• Insulation of Software.
• Banes of Networking ( Crimping, making LAN Cable)
• Problem solving.