Certificate in Java Programming Language

Certificate Program in Advanced Java SE Programming for Web Development Duration (72 hrs.)
This course focuses on Developing Enterprise Web Applications using J2EE. This course focuses on the core technologies such as EJB and Struts that are implemented for developing enterprise Web applications in Java. It discusses how to develop reusable components and associate custom events with them.
This course module introduces J2EE for enterprise-wide application development. Java Server Pages (JSP) and servlets are the key Web tier technologies defined in the J2EE platform. The course provides Core Java developers a way to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to quickly build web applications from JSP and servlet technologies using the Tomcat web container and the Struts framework.
• Describe the application model for the J2EE platform and the context for the model.
• Develop and test an application based on EJB technology.
• Develop a Web based user interface to an EJB technology application .
• Develop Web applications using Java servlets.
• Create robust web applications using Struts, session management, filters and database integration.
• Create easy to maintain JSP pages using the Expression Language, JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) and the Struts Tiles framework.
• Configure the J2EE platform services layer.
• Create robust web applications that integrate Struts and JSP pages.